1. pixmedic

    Pixmedic's Photo Contest! (so contest, much prize)

    welcome to the Pixmedic photo contest! *As a disclaimer, please be aware that this is NOT an official TPF sponsored contest. It is being done strictly by me, and was approved by administration.* with that out of the way, we can get on to the good stuff! I am going to try and do this quarterly...
  2. raeanana

    "What We Value Most" is not a good enough theme for a portfolio?

    For my photography final we are doing a portfolio and I came up with this awesome idea of shooting what people care about most in their life. It goes well with the upcoming holiday(s). I would think that would be an obvious theme but my teacher says no. I guess I'm not understanding this concept...
  3. F

    Regular License or Extended license?

    How do I determine whether or not I need a regular license or extended license when creating my photography website? I just want to be able to showcase my product, display pricing and packages and blog. The difference between a regular license and an extended license is thousands of...
  4. Tstandiford

    (Looking for Input) - Designing a WordPress Theme

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to develop a (free) WordPress theme specifically for Photographers. I have some great ideas on how I can make a very good theme for Photographers, but I wanted to jump in and see if you guys could provide me any insight on what you would like to see from your...
  5. B

    Professional Photography Themes: Advice Desperately Needed!

    Hi guys, My name's Bryan and me and my partner are looking to set up a website for a professional photography business. We've spent scores of hours the last few weeks looking into every theme we could find online, both recommended and not recommended. But as is sometimes the way, the more we...
  6. sm4him

    TPF Sept 2015 Photo Challenge (Orange): VOTING THREAD

    Unlike the Sept. POTM voting, this one was a runaway--The winning photo was "Orange," by... @mattpayne11! Congratulations Matt! There were a lot of really good entries! Now get out there and get your Oct. challenge done! 4. Orange