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Nov 12, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to develop a (free) WordPress theme specifically for Photographers. I have some great ideas on how I can make a very good theme for Photographers, but I wanted to jump in and see if you guys could provide me any insight on what you would like to see from your websites.

Here's a few questions I'd like to know:

  1. What kind of tools are you currently using to handle online proofing? I'm hoping to integrate these into the theme as much as possible
  2. What forms of content are you publishing on your site currently?
  3. Is there anything that you wish you could have on your website that you haven't been able to find?
  4. Are there any processes that you do manually that you wish your website could automate?
  5. Any other comments or thoughts are welcome, and greatly appreciated!
Great that you want to make a free WP theme.

I can't give you much feedback since I really do not care on putting my images online ... just wanted to give you a thumbs up.

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