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    How to adapt a Tiffen Series 9 filter to my camera lenses

    Hi everybody, I have a Tiffen Series 9 filter of 82mm and I would like to use it in my digital Dslr camera. I normally use filters of 82mm so the size is not a problem. However the problem is that the Tiffen Series 9 filter can not be screwed, it doesn't have how to do it. I already looked for...
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    E-Mount Lens Bundle

    Hey all, I am selling my lenses and I am committing directly to film photography. I want a fresh start and want new gear. I have 3 clean, quality, and pretty much unused lenses for sale and I have a link to my eBay listing. I'm selling: Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 w/ original bottom cap & Fotasy FD to...