How to adapt a Tiffen Series 9 filter to my camera lenses

Henry Arias

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Jan 23, 2021
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Hi everybody,

I have a Tiffen Series 9 filter of 82mm and I would like to use it in my digital Dslr camera. I normally use filters of 82mm so the size is not a problem. However the problem is that the Tiffen Series 9 filter can not be screwed, it doesn't have how to do it.

I already looked for an adaptor in the web site of Tiffen but it seems that they don't have anything like that.
I surfed in the web and I only found rings to adapt lenses from one side to the other but since the size is not my problem they are useless for me. What I need is an adaptor from one system to the other.

Do you know if there is a way I can use this filter?
Do you know where I could find such adaptor?
Thank you very much
What you actually need is a series 9 adapter for your lens thread size and a retainer ring. Series filters are not threaded and are held in place using two separate rings that sandwich the filter in place. Typically used in cine but were somewhat popular 50 or so years ago with film cameras.

Good luck finding the two pieces you need, try fleabay or a vintage camera shop.

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