1. M

    Help with TLR camera, Ricohflex

    This has happened on 2 rolls idk what to do , i cleaned it and maybe i put a mirror backwards? i'm at a loss here Idk what to do do you have any tips?
  2. A

    Rolliecord Flash Attachment Help

    Hello all! I recently picked up a Rolliecord IId (type 5) and it has a somewhat unique flash adapter mounted on it. It's a simple mechanism, but I can't seem to find any documentation regarding its origin or what flash might have been used with it. Anyone ever seen this type of two-post...
  3. C

    Looking for a first TLR

    Hello everyone, For a long time, I've been tempted go get into medium format photography, and what more affordable way than a TLR? I would like to know people's opinions on what might be the best TLR on a relative budget. I would not want to spend more than £200 or $250 on the camera, so those...
  4. W

    Any experience with battery corrosion

    So I recently have been looking at getting film for my Yashica Mat 124G but have been going through testing things out and wanted to check the battery compartment. I noticed it was very hard to open and started to worry that there might be a battery in it. Apparently at some point my dad did use...
  5. A

    Help! Problem with new autocord

    Hi, I’ve been trying to test out my newly acquired Minolta autocord and have run into a maybe major problem and am really unsure what the problem is. basically, I go to take a photo: compose, focus, click the shutter. Because the noise is different to other cameras I’ve used I think there’s...
  6. S

    Recesky TLR - Film Advance, my problems of.

    Ahoy hoy, I have a quick and rather strange question about the Recesky TLR kit camera that I hope someone here can solve. You see for some reason my shot counter does not work properly, it just goes about halfway and stops, which is good for using the camera for experimental photography and not...
  7. WhaleDaughter

    Flexaret VI

    This was this year's birthday present to myself (a little early). I had it checked out and the tech said it's darn near perfect. The only issue is that the top shutter speed is shooting at more of 250 than 400, but it's 50+ years old so I'm fine with that, I can just adjust my exposure. And...