1. Triton

    The price is right! Or not?!?

    I am looking for some professional advice on pricing a request for one of my photos to be posted on a truck trailer. I am by no means a pro, but my photography is quite unique and I am beginning to catch some attention locally. I am a commercial diver by trade, so naturally all my photos are...
  2. Antithesis

    FS: Sony NEX-6 + 18-55 + waterproof housing - $250 shipped/insured

    I am selling a sony NEX-6. The camera is in good shape, everything works. We picked it up as a little backup video camera to work with our other sony's, but haven't used it in months. I purchased the body and lens separately, as I'd read that the 18-55 is quite a bit sharper than the 16-50 that...
  3. H

    accessory: floating stick

    Guys, is there like an equivalent to this: a floating monopod for GoPro (TELESIN Floating Bobber Anti-Slip Monopod Stick With Screw and Strap For Water Diving Gopro Sport Camera) for normal cameras? I have an underwater camera, the olympus TG4 but I can´t find this accessory! Can somebody help?
  4. Everglades1


    Up for sale is a buyers remorse lol. We bought this GoPro from Best Buy thinking it would take nice pics well it does but not in 4K like the videos. The videos are awesome 2.7k & 4k are just wow. We just had a newborn and thinking this cool technology with fish eye and everything would be...
  5. J

    Underwater Photographer Says Hi!

    Hello Group! My name is Jack Connick and I specialize in underwater photography. In fact, I like it so much I started a small dedicated underwater photo equipment store here in Seattle about 12 years ago. I enjoy diving here, but now mostly do dive travel and have shot in many far flung places...