1. nerwin

    Country Roads

    Just another photograph taken on my Holga 120N using Ilford HP5 400 About the photo, this is one of my favorite spots that I like to walk through. It's just a peaceful area with the view of the mountains, a horse farm and the wildflowers on the side of the road. It's just always makes me...
  2. Vieri

    Mesa Arch, a classic that never gets old...

    It appears that is now "fashionable" to tag any landscape photograph on Instagram as "Mesa Arch", with the intent of keeping the real location undisclosed - seeing that yesterday, while exploring Northumberland for a future Workshop, made me think about the "real" Mesa Arch, and I went to look...
  3. Oliver232

    New York City night timelapse

    Hi, I just finished my newest video, I traveled 2 times to NYC and took 33'000 photos. I used a Canon EOS R, 5D Mark IV and 6D. I hope you like it.
  4. M

    Grand Canyon

  5. jhood88

    Hey! I am Justin Hood from Illinois, USA

    So like I said I am Justin and I am new to this website(and forums like this). Im 25 and a father who likes to spend his free time(ha!) out walking the streets. I usually take architecture type stuff but lately have been trying to branch out a bit. I have been super interested in black and...
  6. M

    Photos in an album in the USA

    Good day. I come from Europe. Exactly Polish. In Poland the most popular images in an album is 10x15 (in centimeters). I would like to know which standard applies in the USA and Canada regarding the images in the album. What images most often printed in the United States and Canada for the...