Hey! I am Justin Hood from Illinois, USA


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Dec 17, 2017
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Champaign, IL
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So like I said I am Justin and I am new to this website(and forums like this). Im 25 and a father who likes to spend his free time(ha!) out walking the streets. I usually take architecture type stuff but lately have been trying to branch out a bit. I have been super interested in black and white again here lately and documenting my nights with friends as well to kind of push what I am comfortable with.
Where I am from there aren't to many people into photography so it will be nice to get to know some people on here and hopefully learn some new things along the way.
I shoot with a Fuji x100 mainly and ummm....I guess thats about it!!

I attached a recent photo of mine to give you an idea of what I shoot.

Thanks in advance everyone!!


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Welcome to the forum Justin. I also shoot Fuji.
Nice! I am looking to upgrade soon to an xpro2 or something because the focus on the x100 is starting to really get on my nerves haha. What fuji do you shoot?
I have a XP2, XT2 and a X100S. The 24mp sensor is a significant upgrade to the 16mp sensor.
Yeah I am inbetween the xt2 and xpro2. I still have a little bit until I have to decide. Tax season haha
Do you have a preference between the two?
Also you must LOVE fuji!
Being an ol' film guy, the controls are SLR simple and all at your fingertips, no menu diving or even removing your eye from the viewfinder. The lenses are to die for. At a minimum, as equal to my Canon 'L's.
Welcome! There are a few people currently posting many photos in B & W, so you should find inspiration and help easily.

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