1. NGH

    What to take on my vacation this weekend...

    So I am off to the island of Oahu this weekend; yey for me! :) I will be taking my Olympus Pen-F digital but debating which film camera to take with me. Avoiding the answer "all of them!" I just want to take one as I have a young child so luggage space is at a premium. Here are the options; 1...
  2. S

    Trip Camera - DSLR or Digital Handheld?

    Heading to Alaska next week. Taking a cruise with several stops at several ports plus will do some whale watching and view various wildlife from a small boat. Was going to take my Canon T3 camera & two lenses. My daughter says I should leave my "big stuff" at home and just take my Canon SX730...
  3. mdsphotography

    Tada Gan Iarracht : Cliffs of Moher

    This was taken in late October or 1st of November 2015 during a visit to the beautiful country of Ireland. We were blessed to be able to go and would recommend it to all. When we first arrived at the cliffs you couldn't see anything but a large cloud bank as it rolled over the cliffs but then...
  4. mdsphotography

    Wolfville, Nova Scotia and St. Martins,New Brunswick. Beautiful!

    The wife and I traveled to New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia this past October during which time we visited Wolfville, NS where I captured this panoramic shot and one of the two cover bridges in St Martin, New Brunswick.
  5. anonymouscuban

    Another Set from Hawaii

    Another handful of shots from Hawaii: 1 - East side vintage feel: 2 - Sunset on Mauna Kea 3 - Tropical vignette 4 - Haleakala 5 - Along the road to Hana
  6. V

    New to Wildlife photography

    Hi all, I have been staying in Germany for the past 3 years. I am interested in going for a vacation trip within Europe for wildlife phottography. I have been taking pictures of nature as well as landscapes using my Nikon D5200 18-55mm. I am currently interested in exploring myself in the...
  7. Msteelio91

    Climbed Kilimanjaro [Pic heavy :) ]

    Hey all, I recently had the experience of a lifetime exploring Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro. My fiance and I did it together with 8 other climbers in our group, and the help of our guides and porters (Gods of men they are!). We also did a 4-Day safari afterwards, which I'm still working on...
  8. Msteelio91

    Leaving for Kilimanjaro this week

    Not my first time doing something like this, but my first time doing Kilimanjaro. It's a 6 day ascent with a 2 day descent, 8 total days on the mountain and then a 4 day safari through the Serengeti/Ngorongoro crater afterwards. Bringing the D7k and a couple lenses, several batteries & SD...
  9. M

    Lens help for trip to Italy

    Hi, I'm more of an intermediate photographer but want to get as many opinions as i can about this question... I'm taking a trip to Italy for three weeks and want a new lens. I'm hoping to not only shoot landscapes but street photography as well. I have a DX format Nikon with a APS-C...