1. nerwin

    So I took apart my Yashica FX-2

    I came across this Yashica FX-2 mechanical film camera at a flea market towards the end of summer last year for only $12 and it included a couple lenses. I couldn't pass it up, didn't care if it worked or not. I just thought it would be fun to tinker with for $12. I managed to get it working and...
  2. W

    Nikon F3 focusing screen and finder

    I have recently acquired two unused F3 bodies. One of which had this 90 degree DW-4 finder and a focusing screen K neither of which I have seen before. I have found an identical finder on eBay but cannot find any more info. I am assuming that the screen is to pair with the finder for medical...
  3. Silk22

    Need help with Polaroid Land Camera 104 (but may be a general thing)

    Hi, I'm a total newbie...and disassembled the viewfinder on my 104 Land Camera because the focus arrows weren't moving. So I unscrewed the two screws and think I may have actually fixed the focus issue! However now I don't know how to put things back together :( I have two loose mirrors and a...
  4. M

    Nikon FG 20 viewfinder cleaning

    Hello, I bought an old nikon FG-20 play around with, and when I look through the viewfinder, i see black specs of i guess dirt or dust. Unfortunatly it seems to be on the other side of the viewfinder inside the camera... Does anyone have experience in cleaning the insides of these cameras?