Need help with Polaroid Land Camera 104 (but may be a general thing)


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Jul 31, 2017
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I'm a total newbie...and disassembled the viewfinder on my 104 Land Camera because the focus arrows weren't moving. So I unscrewed the two screws and think I may have actually fixed the focus issue! However now I don't know how to put things back together :(
I have two loose mirrors and a metal rectangular window thingie. I've searched high and low for a diagram of this part or instructions on reassembling, but no luck. If anyone can help and let me know how/where to put the mirrors and window thingie to reattach the viewfinder, that would be awesome. Have attached some pics of the parts...


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I have a couple of similar models but I haven't taken them apart...

Here's Mike Butkus' camera manuals site which has the manual for your camera. (You can send him three bucks for it if you want.)

Try Option8, I can't think of his real name, that's his user name on ebay. He does conversions but I don't know if he does repair. There's Polaroid info. on his site.
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You could also look up Rick Oleson, but I don't know if his repair CD includes Polaroids. Checked my bookmarks and found Jim's Polaroid Collection but haven't looked at it in a long time to know if it gets into repair, etc. Jim's Polaroid camera collection: Home page

I think if you can't get it back together you might do just as well to buy another one rather than pay to get this one fixed.
Thanks for the info @vintagesnaps ! Yeah, don't think would be worth doing a repair and actually a repair isn't necessary. I just know nothing about cameras and didn't take note of where things where when i took the viewfinder off. So if I can get a diagram of it to see where the mirrors go or someone can tell me where to put those 3 parts- I should be good to go! Will take a look at the manual from link you sent though.
I'm thinking this isn't specific to the model 104 so perhaps will broaden the search to any/all Land Cameras to try and get some images or disassebly/assembly instructions. As it's a simple thing, just was hoping someone familiar with cameras and old polaroids might be able to just chime in to get me back on track.
Appreciate the pointers and reply :)

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