vintage film

  1. K

    Help me identify the model of this camera

    This camera has no serial number whatsoever, i tried looking up on google but that was useless, need the help of an expert.
  2. P

    Vintage glass and adapter

    I just ordered an old Nikon Nikkor and now I have some questions about adapters for my fuji. 1. When I get an adapter with an aperture ring. Can I still change the aperture directly on the vintage lens? 2. I also have a Tamron tele-lens for my older Nikon. It does not have an aperture ring and...
  3. Lee_Lee

    Newbie help

    I am brand new to photography and the style I am most inspired by is that of very old vintage photos. I found a random old photograph on the internet and needed help determining what type of film and camera would be best to take photos that resemble this style/vibe. ( see link )...