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Nov 14, 2019
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I am brand new to photography and the style I am most inspired by is that of very old vintage photos. I found a random old photograph on the internet and needed help determining what type of film and camera would be best to take photos that resemble this style/vibe.

( see link )


(* I am aware there are many filters and software nowadays to manipulate and create the look you want for photos. However, I am a fan of old-school methods, and would like to get **as close as** I can to this look naturally. )

I am unsure of the date of when this photo was taken, but I have seen old black and white photos from the 50s and (to me) this photo seems older than that. (But I'm no expert.)

I just love everything about this photo. The contrast, lighting, and overall vibe. (Beautiful, haunting and otherworldly.)

If you have any ideas/suggestions about what camera/film/lens, etc to use, please be very specific, as I am brand new to the world of photography and am not versed in equipment, types of film, etc... Thank you for reading!
The question is how close is close enough?

People have spent decades and large sums of money to improve on the short comings of old photographic equipment. Modern gear is not made to produce those types of prints, hence one must spend time in post processing trying to undo todays technology. It can be done I am sure. I am not sure it can be printed to maintain the look you want.

My preference would be to find and old 120 format film camera, like and old Ansco box camera. Then shoot black and white film. Finally contact print the negatives and sepia tone them.

I grew up in the film days, so the above method or the previously mentioned tin type would seem to be a natural way to start.

Good luck

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