vintage lens

  1. nerwin

    Contax/Yashica adapter for Nikon Z Review

    It's been a busy last couple of months so I haven't spent much time here on the forums. Anyways I picked up this Yashica FX-2 at a flea market (more like a yard sale than anything) for $12 that I couldn't pass up. Came with a couple lenses too. The camera was in very rough shape but as you can...
  2. G

    Need help finding a vintage prime 1:1 macro lens for DSLR scanning

    Hi, I have a Canon T6 that I'd like to use for DSLR scanning, but I don't know which lens to get. I'd like to start off with a vintage manual lens due to costs. From my understanding, it has to be 1:1 however I'm not exactly sure what else to look for. I'm okay with using mount adapters, and any...
  3. M

    Bird's in the Park

    Any CC welcomed, Taken with a Chinon 55mm Vintage lens.
  4. S

    Nikon and vintage lenses

    Hi all I recently picked up a used Nikon D300 (which is now my favourite thing in the world!) along with a functional AF 70-300m lens. So far, although I’ve a lot to learn, I’ve taken some reasonable shots as I get to learn how this camera works. One of the reasons I decided to dive into...
  5. M

    Purchase advice - vintage lens, adapters and mounting mods (Long Post)

    tl:dr in a post just below this Hi all, I apologize that this is my third purchase advice post here, but this will be my last. I have done as much research as I can and have a fair Idea what I want. Just want to know if it's possible. I'm interested in sony a7rIII. Except for 4K rolling shutter...
  6. P

    Using Vintage Nikon Lens on D800

    I shoot with a Nikon D800 DSLR body. I recently purchased a vintage Nikkor 300 mm f/2.8 ed -vr lens. I've never attempted to use a vintage lens on this camera body. How do I go about using this lens to shoot at full frame on my Nikon D800? Do I need to get a lens adapter and if so, can...
  7. rizkyb

    3 lenses set alternative. Exploring vintage lens

    Hi Guys, Recently explored some vintage lenses as a budget alternative. I would like to share my recommendation. Hope this is useful to some. Thank you for watching!