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  1. trevoo

    Mega Semahdi surfing Padang Padang , Bali

  2. D7K

    "Broken Mirror" Lake

    On a trip into the mountains a couple of months ago, we headed to one of the beautiful mountain lakes, when we arrived the sky was flat and grey, but as we hiked around and relaxed a while, the sun broke through, it was not the light I wanted, But the stillness of the lake and the light did make...
  3. D7K

    Cobh Harbour

    I've not been shooting too much lately with the weather and whiteout skies, So I have been re-organising my files, during which I came across this old shot from Ireland. A typically moody Irish sky in Cobh taken a few years ago; D7000/Tokina 12-24. C&C welcomed, It's often nice for me to look...
  4. D7K

    Black Sea Coast @ Sunrise

    A place I had seen before and always wanted to shoot. Now, without any filter kit (Still saving after the D850 splurge), it was challenging. We got up at around 5am which is always fun whilst on vacation AND it's your birthday. Anyways, we headed to the rocks and I setup this shot, watching...
  5. Fujidave

    Iconic Ruins

    The iconic ruins of the West pier in Brighton.
  6. nerwin

    Sometimes You Have to Reflect

    I went for a good 3+ mile walk yesterday morning and the light was pretty decent and when I saw how clear this pond was, the reflection was pretty decent! I only had my phone on me, Samsung Galaxy S7 and took this shot in RAW mode and processed it in Lightroom. As usual, had a hard time...
  7. Sjbo298

    nature walk

  8. r0r5ch4ch

    A golden walk

    Hi, one of the beautiful churches of Puebla/Mexico. This is located near Zocalo. A golden walk by Tobias Zimmermann, auf Flickr
  9. behindslr

    National Park through a long exposure

    Hello last week i visit national park Plitvicka Jezera.I love it the only was problem a weather i was expected cold but it was +2 that day... This is my photojournalism through a long exposure waterfalls black and white Sunshine over waterfalls This is my first time long exposure the...
  10. Samuel.z


    I hurt my foot yesterday so i had to stay inside but that won't stop me from shooting some photos. so i brought out some colored filters poured some waterdrops on them and this is the result.
  11. _mikro_

    Long Exposure

    So I picked up a Lee Filters Big Stopper and went down to the power plant this morning and did some experimenting. I think I did ok for my first try. This was a 8 minute exposure at f9 with my sigma 10-20mm on a canon 80d. Any friendly advice is welcome. M ike
  12. Kedarnag138

    After Sunset

  13. D

    Sea and Shore

  14. Otto von Chriek

    Reflections In A Forest

    Reflections in a forest river.
  15. koleks


    Condominiums of Pico de Loro Sony Nex-3N / 30mm / f10 / 20sec / ISO200
  16. koleks

    Standing Still

    At Wawa Dam: Sony NEX-3N / 55mm / f22 / 10s / ISO200
  17. PersistentNomad

    Dew Drop Arc

    Taken in my front garden a few weeks ago
  18. Toronto Fountains No 1

    Toronto Fountains No 1

    Trinity Square Fountain. An ongoing series of photos exploring the size, shape and flow of various water fountains in and around the Toronto Canada area. Original photography using a Canon EOS 60D body with a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 DC Macro OS lens and Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin for the Bla
  19. Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    From a series of color photos of mornings spent enjoying the sunrise at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto Canada. Original photography using a Canon EOS T1i body. Hand painted in Photoshop. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography www.instagram.com/thelearningcurvephotography
  20. ronlane

    July sunset.

    They are all different and it really doesn't get old watching and shooting summer sunsets.