1. Destin

    Autumn Waterfalls - Stony Brook State Park

    Hey guys, Sunday morning I went to Stony Brook State Park (NY) to photograph some waterfalls with the fall foliage. Unfortunately, we're past peak and most of the leaves were on the ground. I'm still happy with the end results though, and wanted to share them with you. All were taken with my...
  2. D7K

    Krushuna - 1 Year on...

    When I first switched from the Sony a7ii back to Nikon and picked up the D850, I knew I wanted to trial it somewhere awesome, I let it sit in the box for days before we took a trip to Krushuna Falls where I first got to use it and see what it could do. I've shared some of those shots previously...
  3. D7K

    Sitovo Waterfall

    This waterfall was probably in the top 3 of my list to visit here and I was sure pleased that we decided to make it the first stop on the long weekend vacation. Not the easiest place to get to too and we had to scramble down some pretty steep side slopes to get down but it was really worth it.
  4. D7K

    Falls of the Pod Kamiko Trail

    Last weekend was a trip to a lesser know EcoPath about an hour outside of the city. I'd seen another photographer write up a blog on it and I thought I knew what to expect, maybe 3 or 4 waterfalls and a large one at the end. I was pleasantly surprised to find this little river in full flow and...
  5. D7K

    Weekend and Waterfalls

    I love the spring and I love travelling around to the many different waterfalls we have here. Sorry I've not been around or posting for a while but between work, sleep and shooting I've not had much time to edit and catch up with things here. I picked up a NiSi HUC IR ND64+CPL so been having...
  6. marcookie

    Re-introducing myself after some 2 years

    Dear forum users, after years of up and downs, the passion for photography is back as it never was. Hopefully here to last. Is great to be out there in the nature again and create some original work. The spark that ignited everything is the concept, the slow pace, the limitations, and the...
  7. koleks

    Standing Still

    At Wawa Dam: Sony NEX-3N / 55mm / f22 / 10s / ISO200
  8. I


    I just joined this forum and do not quite understand how it works. I want to contact experienced nature photographers because I need a few high quality pictures for my work. I am doing ceramic tile murals. Currently I am looking for a few beautiful nature pictures especially colorful waterfalls...