1. primefactor123

    B&W Wave Pic

  2. primefactor123

    Beauty Lake Ontario Pic

    This one certainly took a few tries!
  3. trevoo

    Costa Rican Mornings

  4. R

    Costa Brava Autumn

    I particularly like these two. Nice composition and friendly light IMO. Hope you like them. Rolleiflex 2.8f HP5 Roger img072-1 by Roger Wade, on Flickr Palafruegell by Roger Wade, on Flickr
  5. Destin

    Anger Management!

    I'm thinking that's what Mother Nature could use right about now. Someone needs to remind her that it's spring and should be getting nice out. Today all of Western NY experienced winds up to 75mph with extreme damage to trees and power lines. Tens of thousands are without power tonight as a...
  6. D

    Sea and Shore