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    Wedding Pictures-639.jpg

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  5. M

    My Website - Wedding Photography

    Sharing my new website - Its all about wedding photography. Do share your thoughts.
  6. I

    Candid wedding photography in India

    Hi all, I am Indranil Roy from Kolkata, India. Here I am happy to share my latest work with you all, For more, you all can check out my website "PIP Broadcast".
  7. jooiwah

    Sharing of Chinese traditional wedding photography taken in Sungai Petani

    Sharing of Actual Day Wedding @ Sungai Petani. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  8. snphoto2016

    quality over quantity (wedding photography)

    Hi all, just a quick poll. Do you cull extensively and offer only your best shots to wedding clients or go for broke and give it all because that's just what people expect these days?
  9. Anthonymickphoto

    Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

    Marketing seems to be the most important part of running a photography business (a mediocre photographer can make much better business than a talented photographer with no marketing skills). I've tried many things including: facebook ads (found it to be very low return), Google ads (Some...
  10. F

    Looking for training - wedding and portrait photography

    Hello, I'm looking for a training for professional photographer with a good level and a price < 2500$ To be fully honest, I'm loving the work done by Roberto Valenzuela or Jerry Ghionis but in France it's a pain to find someone giving the same level of training :icon_sad: Which...
  11. B

    Canon 6D with Pocket Wizard

    Hey y'all! I am trying to order the correct Pocket Wizard cable for my second shooter who has a Canon 6D. I want to make sure I order the correct cable. I'm not sure if the correct cable is even an option here. I've attached an image from the Borrow Lenses website below. These are the cable...
  12. jooiwah

    Prewedding works @ Penang From

    Sharing some of my pre wedding works. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  13. H

    Honest feedback

    Im getting traffic but not conversion - I'd love some honest feedback on what I can do to improve my site McBride Pictures Photography You won't hurt my feelings- it's all about getting better
  14. B

    New from Vegas!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. Just recently moved to Vegas from Los Angeles, and somewhat recently before that from San Diego. Photography has always been something that I greatly enjoy and have wanted to pursue a career in photography. Unfortunetly I had to sell my entire rig when moving...