white balance

  1. J

    Tips For Beginners

    I found (in my opinion) the BEST site for tips for beginners. It dumbs it down for you in regards to aperture, balance, cropping, depth of field, etc... This is really helping me out alot. No linkbacks, please - Admin.
  2. K

    Copying white balance from a pre-existing photograph

    After 10 years of using a Nikon D300 camera with Auto white balance, I'm now starting to pay more attention to White Balance. I bought a WhiBal Studio card (3.5" x 6"). For post-processing, I use Corel PaintShop Pro X8. I would consider Corel AfterShot Pro 3, Nikon routines Capture NX-D...
  3. Destin

    X-T3 Magenta Cast - Testing

    As some of you saw, I used my new X-T3 to take sale photos of my X-T20 yesterday. I uploaded them after syncing them wirelessly to my phone and making some basic exposure and saturation adjustments (but no white balance adjustments) on my iPhone. They were shot in jpeg with the velvia film...
  4. k.udhay

    How do I get this brightness in the face of my subject?

    I have attempted to ask this question earlier in a very vague as I myself was unclear. Perhaps, I am able to define my ambiguity well enough. Pl. look at this insta. image by some photographer: Photraits on Instagram: “Cuteness quotient for the day Hire your favorite Wedding Photographer at...
  5. B

    White balance a photograph after it has been taken?

    The company I work for is going to be developing a project that involves photographing different materials. We want to capture the actual colors or as close to as possible. I was wondering, if I had a card of some type inserted in the picture of a color that I knew. After the photograph was...
  6. adamhiram

    White balance anomalies

    Something I've always struggled with is working with mixed light sources or large color casts. The image below is an example of this. I set the white balance based on skin tones as well as the overall scene, and am pretty happy with the overall edit, except for one thing - the coat is supposed...
  7. redbourn

    Yellow and Orange Issue

    Only tried this recipe for the first time today and need more mayonnaise and finer crushed cornflakes. Anyway I fine tuned my Spyder software/hardware and worked on the image. It looked much too yellow and orange and I reduced them. The original chicken looked more brown than orange or...
  8. LeaNC

    In desperate need of help with fixing portraits!

    "Embarrassing" is an understatement for how I feel about these images and myself as a photographer... But I desperately need some help, preferably without judgement because I'm ashamed enough as it is! I should absolutely know better considering my experience, I guess my personal issues are...
  9. redbourn

    Which type of bulb am I using?

    Hi, I just tried out my new lightbox for the first time. The bulb looks like a CFL so I set the Nikon D4400 to fluorescent and the white plate looks blue. The order looks like this. "Hakutatz Photo Studiolight softbox daylight Boom Stand + boom arm VL-9001 with 40 × 40 cm softbox diffuser +...