1. travelguy92

    A trip to Peru

    Last year I did a backpacking trip to Peru. I have tons of photos, naturally, but here are just a few to share with you. As you'd expect, Machu Picchu is AMAZING and it blows your mind. But I also did a trek through a portion of the Amazon rain forest, something I've wanted to do since I was a...
  2. Timppa

    Birds from around the world (+ extra heron !)

    Hello all! I would like to share the following with you; Last year me and my wife have been travelling around, and in the last few months I have been sorting out our pictures (still a serious work in progress...). But, I can say that I have finally completed to sort out all the bird pictures...
  3. Samuel.z

    Where are you guys from?

    Let me ask the forum where everyone is coming from? How wide is the community here? If you want to be more specific don't be afraid to say so.