1. Flavio

    X-T20 problems

    Hi, I've sold my nikon d610 and lenses 6 months ago and bought the fuji x-t20. I'm happy with my switch overall, although have found some unexpected issues. Sometimes when I focus, the EVF flickers. Recently I could not playback the photos I've just taken, solved this by formating the card but...
  2. Fujidave

    My Singers/Buskers and Band Images/Project

    These are some of the images I have taken with the X-T2 + XF 18-55mm, the vocalists seem very happy with them which is good, they are not in to all the editing so most if not all the shots will be a straighten and crop. As I don`t want to keep opening a new post, my singers, bands and vocalists...
  3. Fujidave

    Photographing Old Slides with JJC Extension Tubes

    A while ago a member on another forum I use said I had the right camera to do what he did. These photos mean everything to me as the old slides are getting more ruined as time goes by, I have just put them up for him to see, but want to show the before and after, gutted that my very 1st sunset...
  4. Fujidave

    JJC Extension Bud

    Pretty breezy out now, but I do like a challenge in macro when the wind is up. X-T20 + XF 18-55mm on the 11.