Photographing Old Slides with JJC Extension Tubes


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Mar 23, 2018
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A while ago a member on another forum I use said I had the right camera to do what he did. These photos mean everything to me as the old slides are getting more ruined as time goes by, I have just put them up for him to see, but want to show the before and after, gutted that my very 1st sunset on Uluru is to bad. X-T20 + XF 18-55mm using N0 11.





I am the baby, these are in our back garden in Australia.
Just turned it to mono, as might print this one instead of the colour.

2black and white.jpg
Aww weren't you cute, but you weren't looking at the camera! lol probably due to your age...

You were able to make a huge improvement in these. You know if you have any that are beyond what you could do yourself to restore them and they're important, I'd suggest looking into any place that does antique/art restoration, those places often restore photos/slides too. Maybe just a select few depending on the cost but they may be able to salvage something that's fairly damaged.

There is a site called Film Rescue International ® | Revealers Of Lost And Found Treasures which I've heard about but haven't used or know for sure what options they have. I'd hate for you to have to bin something that's important to you because of the condition.
I don't know why but I envisioned you to look more "Mick Dundee" :allteeth: Nice job, better than my tape them to the storm door and shoot approach. I used my 35 mm macro which works well, just need a better arrangement to hold an light. Have boxes and boxes of slides that I really need to work on. My hat's off to you for starting the process.
Thank you both, just printed off a few and I am over the moon with them as they are better than on here.
Ahhhh ... the proper British family.

It must make you feel good to preserve these special family heirlooms and turn a hobby into something with a higher purpose.
Well done.
Thank you Gary, it meant more than anything for me to managed to print them up and even better that they printed 100% too.

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