xf 18-55mm

  1. Fujidave

    Sarah Singing

    Taken with the X-T2 + XF 18-55mm, the singers seem to like it when I don`t blur the background.
  2. nerwin

    Mmmm...Fresh Strawberries

    Nothing better than going to the farm and getting freshly picked strawberries. Fuji XT2 + 18-55 18mm, f/2.8, 1/60th, ISO 200
  3. nerwin

    Milky Way - First attempt with the XT2

    I stepped outside before heading to bed and noticed how clear the sky was. I ran inside, grabbed the camera and tripod. I haven't done any milky way shots with the XT2 yet. I was surprised how well it actually handled it, if I had a faster lens like the XF16mm 1.4, I could've got better shots...
  4. nerwin

    Amazing color last night!

    This was one of those moments when you were chilling out to Netflix and you happen to see the reflection of a sunset in the TV and you quickly run and grab your camera (swap lenses first of course) and then run outside to get the shot before it's too late. I haven't seen a sunset like this for...
  5. Fujidave

    Photographing Old Slides with JJC Extension Tubes

    A while ago a member on another forum I use said I had the right camera to do what he did. These photos mean everything to me as the old slides are getting more ruined as time goes by, I have just put them up for him to see, but want to show the before and after, gutted that my very 1st sunset...
  6. Fujidave

    JJC Extension Bud

    Pretty breezy out now, but I do like a challenge in macro when the wind is up. X-T20 + XF 18-55mm on the 11.