1.36X Magnifying Eyepiece MEA-N for Nikon D3 D700 D300 D90

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    Price: $49.00


    • The enlargement eyepiece making it easier to find views
    • Super magnification and easier focusing
    • Ergonomic design, small and exquisite, and greatness lies in the capacity
    • Totally new design of all-metal lens barrel structure
    • Originated professional interfaces in industry applicable for a range of SLR cameras
    • Wide adaptability to short-sightedness,astigmatism and presbytism
    • High eyespot shadeless amplifying system designated for glass-wearing photographers
    • Military-quality double-sided broadban multi-layer anti-fog coating system
    • The perfect combination of environment-friendly silica gel materials and the anti-shedding design
    • TENPA magnifying eyepieces are specially made according to the viewfinder sizes of different SLR cameras and of professional modular design.
    • The melt moulding of German Bayer quality PC and Taiwan CHIMEI ABS engineering plastic alloy has ensured higher endurance, better toughness and greater shock resistance of the eyepieces.
    • Installed via various interfaces, the eyepieces can be applied to the viewfinders of all current or even future SLP cameras of various brands, letting each photographing lovers enjoy the shock brought by science and technology.
    • TENPA magnifying eyepieces (of fixed focus) are suitable for photographers with farsightedness within 200 degree, nearsightedness within 300 degree or astigmatism within 150 degree to find views without wearing glasses.
    • The broad vision has made it possible to put off glasses but still see clearly with each eye.
    • TENPA magnifying eyepieces have been innovatively designed with an effect of high eyespot and shadeless magnifying vision, helping glass-wearing photographers to realize 1.22 times view-finding magnification.
    • The patent has broken through the technical barriers set by leading international camera manufacturers, opening up a historical era for magnifying eyepieces in the industry.
    • TENPA magnifying eyepieces have a double-sided broadband multi-layer anti-fog, anti reflection coating system produced by military film coating factories with the production technique of firearm sighting telescopes, making the coating layers even denser and light transmission higher.
    • Even the dark details of the view while photographing are especially distinct with a high penetration of 99.53%.
    What's in the box:

    • TENPA Magnifying Eyepiece
    • Anti-sLip Eyepice Cover
    • Square-tp-Round Adapter
    • Eyecup
    • Eyecup Ring
    • Size: 100*90*80 mm
    MEA-NNikon D80/D90/D100/D200/D300/D300s/D700/D3/D3S/D3X;Fujifilm S2/S3/S5 Pro;Kodak SLR-C/SLR-N
    MEA-CCanon D30/D60/300D/350D/10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/60D/5D II/1Ds/1Ds Mark II/1Ds Mark II N
    MEA-CNNikon D40/D40X/D50/D60/D70/D70s/D3000/D5000/D3100/D7000;Canon 400D/450D/500D/1000D/550D
    MEA-CLCanon 7D/1D Mark III/1Ds Mark III/1Ds Mark IV
    MEA-PPentax K-5/K-r/K-7/K-X/K-m/K20D/K10D/K200D/K100D Super/*ist DL2/*ist DS2/*ist DL/*ist DS/*ist D
    MEA-OOlympus E-600/E-620/E-450/E-520/E-420/E-500/E-510/E-410/E-400/E-300

    Buy 1.36X Magnifying Eyepiece MEA-N for Nikon D3 D700 D300 D90 Here

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