1st Birthday and aftermath of an exploded cake


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Oct 5, 2009
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My boy's first birthday party. All shot run and gun with the Canon 5Dmk3 and edited in Lightroom 5.

Before cake:

5.6/160 ISO 8000

And mid-cake:

6.3/125 ISO 1600

If you're interested in seeing how we got from point A to point B I compiled this video. It was my first time seriously shooting video with the DSLR and it was crazy to me how much more evident camera shake can be compared to even a smaller camcorder. To an extent I'm okay with it because it accentuates the home video feel of it all. I was manually focusing and shooting generally wide apertures. I was going back and forth between video and stills on the move, shooting in manual mode, and wasn't adjusting shutter speed for frame rate as I would've in a dedicated video device. Video edited in Premiere Pro CS5 and Magic Bullet Looks for grading.

#1 is engaging. #2 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about it. I have not watched the video.
That kid is a natural!
Kids are always so sincere. :)

Especially when you give them cake.

Nice job SoonerBJJ. What Derrel said. :D

Edited to add: If you edit the video to the last couple of minutes with the cake it could go viral. Nice choice of music and yes, the slightly shaky amateur camera work ADDS to the appeal, especially as it's nicely put together. :thumbup:
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