2 sunrises for C&C please!

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Cheex, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Both taken this month in Oregon. First was on top of Mt. Hood the 28th (day of posting) and the other was taken in Portland.

    1.28 sunrise on Mt. Hood by Chodie89, on Flickr
    Having a lot of trouble deciding if this (above ^) is really the best crop... thoughts? Maybe more of a portrait cropping from the left to move the sun out of the middle?

    pdx rise by Chodie89, on Flickr

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    Ah, man, I love #1. I like the composition. The eye is naturally drawn down into the valley (low right of the sun), with lines. That animal trail adds a whole new dimension to the photograph. A dimension of nature, of beauty and mystique. The light here is wonderful. The red reflection on the snow is lovely. The sunrays, and the rather cold trees where the sun aren't hitting. If anything, that tree to the right might be distracting, but I don't really mind it. This just works for me, and I think it's a great capture!!!

    #2 has less of an impact on me personally. I really relate to #1, that may be why I really like it.
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