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Mar 25, 2005
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i need to re-install the software that came with my 20d on my computer again but i can find the disk. ive had a look on the canon website but im not sure which app it is i need to install to make my computer recognise the camera.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

If you're using Windows XP i don't think you'd need the disk.
If it's for simply transferring images from the camera to the pc then I think XP will recognise the camera and allow you to drag and drop as if the 20D was another hard drive.

If it's editing software you're looking for then that may not be necessary either. If you check the latest Adobe updates for Photoshop (assuming that's your program of choice) then you'll find that both RAW and jpeg images can be recognised without the Canon software.

Is it something else you're looking for?
hmm, that's what i thought but my computer doesnt seem to see it... not sure what's going on
it turns out that my camera was set to Normal on the communication option in the menu, when it should have been PTP

thanks for the response
It's always quite satisfying when you discover the problem and can solve it without any expense or hassle!!!

yes, i was starting to flap a bit. Don't know how the setting got changed in the first place

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