3 photos of my Edie enjoying a nice treet


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Dec 4, 2011
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The wonderful lady who walks my Edie on workdays brought her a pork rind bone which she thoroughly enjoyed

I should add these were taken full manual with a Sigma 28-80 3.5/5.6 aspherical lens...I'm finding it to be a very nice piece of glass.. I processed it in the Lightroom 4 beta



Nice dog! Please show more of her.. as in, don't cut her into pieces with your framing! :) (btw.. I think #1 and #3 are identical photos... ??? )
Thank you for your response. Oops, you're right! Here is the correct photo. I did go tight with my shots as I didn't want the stuff in the room to distract.

Looks like just some snapshots to me. Did you flash directly at him also? I'd incorporate more depth of field too. Nice lookin dog though!
Thanks for the feedback! I can definitively see where a shallower depth of field would have been beneficial. Unfortunately I only have the popup flash that comes with my camera. I wasn't able to get enough light without it so I do get that direct light. (A flash unit is on the list of something I want to get so I have more flexibility in that regard.)
I use to drive my dog nuts, he would run every time he saw me with my camera lol. Is she a rescue?
Edie seems tolerant...she did move after a number of shots. Yes, she is a rescue..most Greyhounds you see out there are..I adopted her in May 2002 when she was 18mo old..she's now 11 1/2 but still fit (w/an occasional back flare up.)

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