4 Random shots - C+C welcome

Good contrast and colors on all of them. My fav is the first one.
Definatley like the soccer photo I do sport photography as well and I like the room on the left showing what's infron of him and it already kind of tells you a story of hat he's done to get where he is now. Good shot.
I'm new here so my input may not carry any weight, but IMHO these are great!

I really like #3. I have no idea how you would go about accomplishing it, but to me #4 feels a little "shallow" and could use a little more depth. (contrast? / sharpness?)

Nice work. :thumbup:
I tried to keep the contrast low on the last shot. Did not want to accentuate any heavy lines or anything. I tried going a little further and putting a light blur on it, but just didn't like the way it turned out. Thanks for the comments guys. Figured I would give this a bump and see if anyone else had any.

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