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I like the first and the 4th, especially the 4th.
The other don't have something to catch my eye.

PS: The 4th can be creatively tighter croped to position the light better in the frame (get greater portion of it and perhaps a good angle)
#1 It might look a little processed or saturated. And the street lights flare is a little bit much.

3# & #4 Are good to me, nice pictures.

And the last one its pretty dark on the right side I think it can use a tighter crop.

Of course as I always say, that's just my opinion.
I like the colors and all the shots are interesting. But i would have cropped most of it differently. Just to give you some idea. Contrary to other opinions, No 1 and 4 are the least interesting to me.



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#1.. horizon is tilted...
#2.. too much background.. not enough subject (even for a minimalist type shot). Read up on composition.
#3.. underexposed.. and crop out the door and hinges....
#4.. see #2 C&C
#5.. too busy... what is the subject? Too many competing items... Read up on composition.
Thank you all for the criticism, I really like the crops as well. Cgipson would you have any books that you would recommend on composition?
The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman

I'm having a hard time understanding this book. Where there are pictures I find it to clarify to concept. But where i just see text i have to read the page multiple times. :meh:

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