A conversation ...in water.


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Dec 21, 2011
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Franklin, NC
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The Oconaluftee River in the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park.

Don't know what a conversation in... water means, but it's a great photograph. Love the composition, and the longer exposure give the water movement. I'm not a big fan of B&W these days, but it does seem to add to the over all ambiance of the photograph.
I was really excited to see people talking under water. I feel cheated.

Re the actual photo, the movement is lovely and the composition is interesting, the conversion is too muddy for my tastes though, and I feel like because of that it's lacking in depth/richness.
Wow......The Oconaluftee River in the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park. That's what I wanted to see.....=)
What I do see is a shot that could be taken of any stream in the world. Show us what makes this spot special.
Here is what I think makes me like it very much:

The blurred water runs in several directions. Water not blurred evenly. Has a mood. Title really suits it. I can almost hear it, all the different sounds it would make.

Increase the contrast and brightness a bit... get some BLACK and some WHITES in there.... right now it is all GREYS!

May I post an Edit?
Thanks Compaq....you get it!

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