A couple of birds from Orkney


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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I've been away for a while as I lost my photography mojo a bit, and have done very little photography in the past couple of years. But I had a recent trip over to Orkney, where I spent a little time on Westray. Took a wander up to the Links of Noltland and there were a few birds kicking about. Managed to grab a few shots of the resident birds who were busy getting some food for their chicks

Westray Starling by wee_pete, on Flickr

Water Pipit by wee_pete, on Flickr
Good shots... :encouragement:
Thanks Jeff, I'm pretty pleased with them, it was nice to catch them gathering food, adds a bit of an extra dimension I think.

Nice set, I think the 1st shot is the winner.
Thanks Kirk, I agree. I didn't realise I'd got that one until I got back. It's the one sharp shot in a few hundred of the starlings in flight, not easy birds to track, and I'm out of practise! Thinking about it I may burn that bright spot in the background down a bit.
It's a little bright but not super distracting, a little off the white/highlight wouldn't hurt. It's still a lovely shot.
Good to see you back Pete.

Aye, No1 is very good.

Never seen a water pipit before. My first thought was Meadow Pipit but Orkney and Shetland do produce some rarities.

You still fishing?
Wow! The old timers are crawling out of the woodwork! :D Nice shots, and #1 is very nicely done!

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