a couple of last shorties for the season


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Jun 6, 2009
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the "owl season" at the meadow near me is about done for the year... the short-eared owls only show up for a couple of months, and the activity level has dropped way off; i expect in a week there won't be an owl to be seen... fortunately, i did manage a last couple of shots yesterday, to add to my collection from this year...

this one made a fairly close pass, about 40 yards away, before disappearing back out over the meadow...

one of the owls perched on this post just as i was leaving. the light was fading fast - no more warm, late sun - but i stopped on the way to my car for one more portrait...

Those are excellent. Glad you stopped at the car

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Excellent captures - well taken.
That first one. Nice!
What a fantastic bird and shot!

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