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May 30, 2010
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Just seeing if I'm getting any better :lol: I just downloaded the trial for lightroom 3 a few days ago, and it seems really amazing so far...I only used it to edit the first one but I'm still impressed by the ease of workflow and the various options it enables :thumbup: Anyways, C&C away!

I've posted this one before, but it was the JPEG version, which didn't show the colors nearly as well as the RAW version does...
You definitely have a nice eye but you have to iron out a few details....for instance the horizon in the first is curved well its ideal that its straight and leveled....nice set keep sooting:thumbup:
I don't think that's a tilt in the horizon in the first.. I think it's the beginning of a mountain in the background which throws off the look. He is right in that it looks wrong though, so I don't know what to tell you :p. I really like these. The first especially.
:lol: You know when I was editing it I went back and forth for 20 minutes trying to decide if the horizon was unlevel or if there was something throwing me off. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was the slightly crooked, tilted to the left, tree that was throwing me off haha...but yea, the first one is one of my favorites too, it seems to fit the current fall season quite well :D
Every time I look at it makes my head spin, deciding whether or not it's really tilted or that very slight mountain in the background is throwing e off, but I too have come to the conclusion that it's tilted. Not by much, but EVERYTHING slopes down to the right in the picture so it's incredibly hard to tell.
Perfect! Even more of a reason I "need" the new Nikon D7000, it has a level built into the camera...how could I ever not purchase it when I sooooo need that feature.

Well okay, I'm just making up excuses to blow $1200 :lol:

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