A few more of my first shoot.


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Oct 28, 2012
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I hope the lighting is better on these. And sorry about the trees in the background.
Hi. Nice effort... Here's my C&C for what it's worth...

Photo number 1 has color and processing issues in my humble hobbyist opinion. I'm assuming that the model's blouse is supposed to be white, so to my eye it appears to be either underexposed, suffering from white balance that is too cool, or both. The photo also seems to be overprocessed... I see a little too much of a boost in contrast, and the overall appearance is unnatural. If you shot in RAW, you could probably fix both issues, as well as the fly-away hairs.

Photo number 2 could've been much nicer, but the overall image seems to have been ruined by camera shake/soft focus.

All that put aside, thanks for sharing, and keep shooting. You seem to have good ideas.
What he said ^.
The first thing that stood out to me in #2 is her expression. Is there a predator behind the next tree? Presumably the intent was that 'distant stare'/'lost in thought' kind of look ... maybe by turning her head a little more, instead of eyes all the way over?
I am not a portrait kinda of guy and it would show if i tried:lol: But IMO you need a different location out of the jungle that has weeds in front of your model or branches over head or out the side of her head. I Think the location you selected is hurting you.
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Huge improvement! I made a color correction, and added a little bit of pop to her eyes. Consider moving the watermark so that it doesn't blend in with her blouse. Other than that, I'll leave any further C&C to others who are far more proficient than myself.

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Maybe this of losing some branches.


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I like 2 better except for that camera blurr. Keep up that work man you'll have it in no time.
You defiantly have some white balance issues which is even harder to balance when shooting around all green. It will throw color casts all over. I like your composition on both though. Your corrected one looks a bit better.

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