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A few random C&Cs please


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Jan 30, 2009
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1. I actually had this one leaning to the side on purpose and I liked it at first, now I'm just unsure.

2. Other than an image resize and a small crop, this is untouched.

3. I'm worried mostly about the background and if it makes it look too cluttered
While the exposures look decent with maybe a few spots that look slightly over exposed, the compositions and subject matter aren't very good. There is more to a good shot than giving it an artsy fartsy angle ( the guitar ). You have clutter in the background, and a power plug. Think and examine BEFORE pressing the shutter as much as possible. I am assuming that you are new to photography, so this is something that comes with time. I used to do the same thing and not think of the backgrounds. You are so wrapped up in your subject that you don't realize the stray person or lightpole, or whatever behind them, or they end up looking like a tree behind them is growing out of their head. The plus side is, that your contrast and sharpness and all that look fairly decent on my laptop screen.
Foregrounds, too! The second is a good portrait and I like the background (maybe darken the patches of sky in the upper left), but the white stuff in the foreground is a killer. You probably could crop the bottom (and a little on the left for balance) and end up with a much better image, but the best thing would have been to move that stuff first or maybe raise the camera a little.
I like the mood and lighting in the cat shot but not the odd angle or the crop. To me, the 2nd is very over-cluttered and the "looking up at" angle exaggerates the mostly closed-looking eyes so he looks inebriated. The last is also pretty cluttered and the lighting isn't as good.

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