A few with the MPE65 over Christmas


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Jun 16, 2015
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I like the MPE but it is a bit inconsistent and might stopping working at any time (well mine might).
It is wonderful, irritating, exhilarating and frustrating. WIEF - if only there were an acronym for that I could easily remember

D. saunderi . The real size is 1.77 mm, magnification is 4.61

IMG_6462Springtail by davholla2002, on Flickr

Springtail on a piece of wood in the garden, The real size is 4.02 mm, magnification is 2.8

IMG_6684Springtail by davholla2002, on Flickr

Aphid, The real size is 5.11 mm, magnification is 3.08

IMG_6617Aphid by davholla2002, on Flickr

Harvestman on a piece of wood in the garden, The real size of the body is 1.69 mm, magnification is 2.8

IMG_6683Harvestman by davholla2002, on Flickr


IMG_6461Harlequin by davholla2002, on Flickr
I think you did quite well with the tinier subjects.

What issues are you having with the lens?
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Two problems with the MPE65
It breaks a lot and I have had problems with my one 3 times of the last 3 years. I now have 2 copies - this is the only lens where I feel the need to have a spare when I go on holiday
Lighting I used to have a ring flash but people say the lighting with ring flashes is not good (I am not sure) about that see
Aphids EF7A4772 by davholla2002, on Flickr

I now have a dual macro flash but it keeps on getting knocked and so every time I take photos I have to change its positioning which is a pain.
Ring flashes are ok but I find the adjustable twin heads more flexible. Horses for courses I suppose.

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