A fine evening at Mumbles, South Wales


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Jun 1, 2010
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Lovely range of very appealing colours in these. Lovely.
Wow! These are great. I especially like the colours and composition of the pano. Looks like a beautiful part of the world.
Very nice set, I love the light in the first one.......
#1 for me. I like that light and composition.
Very nice set. I like #1 a lot for the comp. and colors and #3 for the comp. and perspective. Nice shooting.
Thanks for your kind words everyone. Here is a slight reworking of the pano. The seat was bothering me a little, not so much to delete the image, but enough to want a different take on it. I have also brightened the oranges and reds a little to equalise the sky a tad - the bright spots aren't blown, but are a bit too much contrast with the rest of the mid and high tones...

Swansea Bay Pano from Pier 1 by singingsnapper, on Flickr
Very nice set! I like the update on the pano. Did you mean sea or seat?
I meant seat. In the original, there is part of a seat/bench in the corner of the frame. I cropped in and then cropped out using the add pixels feature in PS. Had to tweak a bit after to get rid of obvious repetition, but it turned out fine, I think

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