A Hero No More B&W


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Dec 5, 2012
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A nice conversion. The sky is quite nice. The foreground shadows are maybe a touch blocked up - perhaps a bit of dodging would help.
I think the composition is a bit too tight. I would like to see more on the right with a wider aspect ratio crop, but then I have no idea what was outside the frame.
It's one of those shots that couldn't go vertical without a whole lot more foreground and I couldn't get that...or sky but then the right side crop would look dorky. I was really tempted to build some more foreground and go square but would have to build too much. It was a good learning exercise in doing some luminosity and layer masking and in the end, weird crop or nay, I still like the image. The blocking is strictly jpeg compression as it prints beautiful detail from waterline to the bottom of the page.

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