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Tony S

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May 23, 2011
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Eatonville, Washington
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The clouds parted this evening after dropping some snow flakes here and there, so it was almost mandatory to get out for a walk in the afternoon sunshine. Figured there would be a nice sunset to show off the 1 foot of new snow at the 5,000 foot level of Mt Rainier, but when I got out for the pictures I had a pleasant surprise. I had not been watching the moon phase or when it would rise recently like I often do and when I have been out to get it I've either been in the wrong spot, the wrong time, or it was cloudy. Tonight was a bonus.

Gotta love it when things line up...



A good evening for flying...

I really wanted the moon larger,.. lol


And for those who don't like the cloud filtered sunset colors on it, a pure white balance shift...

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Nice shots. Mt Rainier seems to be a very photogenic mountain, I will have to take a drive down that way shortly!
Outstanding. Love the 1st two pictures. Just two super compositions that are well exposed and processed.
Thanks everyone, not much done in post processing on those.

Fokker, come on down. Snap some shots of Mt Baker as you go by, but if there is any break in the clouds or a front coming in after a nice day Rainier is pretty tough to beat for views from north of Seattle all the way to Chehalis/Centralia.

Here it was tonight with the lenticulars forming as a new weather front is coming in... I got out a few minutes too late to catch the good light before the sun was dropping behind the clouds.
^ WOW! That's incredible!! What camera and lens did you use? :thumbup::thumbup:

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