A new pair of shots from the garden, C&C please!


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Aug 13, 2010
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Toronto, Canada
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Here's a few I took a couple days ago. I can probably guess what a few will say about the second pic. I screwed up the DOF and you lose focus in the wrong areas. I should have shot with a higher f-stop maybe around f/8-11 but I was testing f2.8 and didn't really think too much haha.

Anyway, C&C away!


I actually like the DOF in both shots. These are really sharp! Although, I'd like the second better if your watermark wasn't overlapping the peddle. I'd put it on the right side.
I very much so enjoy both shots. I do miss the DOF in the second one as you mention, it would be better. :thumbup:
Tiger lily (?) is pretty nice - vibrant colors and not too saturated.

The Echinacea Purpurea (coneflower) is a nice shot and an interesting angle. I took some photos of the same flower too, and they're incredible, especially close-up.
I love both of these!!! I like your dof, and I think I know why you put the watermark where you did in the second... To put it in the empty space makes it too easy to crop it out.
I am sad because they both have petals chopped off.

I am happy because they are beautiful pics.
Your composition needs improvement. Cutting off petals on a flower is like cutting ears off a dog or whiskers on a cat or fingers on a child. While you are working on this technique, perhaps shoot fat and crop in post.
Definately will work on composition! Those petals bugged me while PPing in PS.

In regards to oversaturation I sort of agree. On my monitor after doing the edit things did look a bit brighter/vibrant(er?) than I wanted but histogram/curves etc etc all seemed fine. I'll probably get these test printed to see how they turn out and tune up from there.

..And yes the watermark was placed there purposely. Mainly because of the crop/clone issue. I'd rather make it a bit tougher for someone to lynch the picture. If someone is to order a picture for print (if ever :() I'd have the watermark removed either way. Do you usually leave your watermark on a image you sell/print for sale?
Maybe a little oversaturated...not sure though. Either way...I really like these.

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