A Peaceful morning at the Greenhouses.


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Dec 9, 2011
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Long Island, New York
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Just needed to get out of the house after two brutal weeks at work. Headed up to the Planting Fields Greenhouses for a few hours of springtime temps and flowers. Forced Daffodils, Orchids, and a few misc. plants to hold one's interest till the major Easter show. This was another great opportunity to continue my education using tubes.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my pictures.

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DSC_0004 by jaw101, on Flickr

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DSC_0006 by jaw101, on Flickr
Nice set! Exposure is looking good! :)
I really really like #1. Strong colors and excellent focus. The exposure and focus is great on all them. Maybe next time try focusing on a single flower at a time with a shallower DOF. Just something to try :)
Thanks Angel. I've been working on selective focus and shallow DOF using the extension tubes. Many of the pictures with the 12 & 25 mm tubes I was wide open or nearly so. I find it rather difficult to really gauge DOF using the preview button. The D70S doesn't have Live View, so the 1.8" LCD screen can't be used for that function. It's another feature I'm making sure I get when I buy a newer body (reburb'd). Right now the choices are either a D5100, or a D90. Household and medical expenses will be the deciding factor. Both are major upgrades to the D70S, which still manages to take excellent pictures.

Frequency. Thanks so much for those kind words. I've been really working on improving my florals, with selective focus, better composition, and control of lighting using fill flash.

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