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Dec 30, 2006
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I have a question about a hot shoe flash for a Canon P&S camera. Someone from here suggested that i get a 430EX so that i can bounce...back then i could not, i bought a Vivitar 3200a. Extremely inexpensive, and did the most of the job, though i still dont have a clue as to how to effectively control it using colour coded settings on it. The 2 problems with the vivitar are that; A- it takes a couple tries before i get the amount of flash right and, B-The white balance isnt right for any of the inbuilt modes. But the time's right to go in for a better flash.
So I short list the suggestion and another Sunpack PZ42X.
I'd be using the flash to take snaps of people/groups indoors. bouncing it and using a white card to reflect some light st. forward, like i did with the Vivitar. The TTL would be of help with the newer flash....
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After doing endless research before buying a flash I settled on the 430EX. All the other inexpensive flashes seemed to have some cons that I didn't want. I also heard so many good things about a Canon flash that I figured it was worth the cost. I'm sure once I learn how to use it properly it will be great!
The 430EX does not have a PC jack for a flash trigger, but a hot shoe adapter is pretty cheap.

I use a 580EX II and bouncing it off of 10' ceilings, I can't shoot wider than F4 with a 50mm without bumping the ISO above 100. The 430 is not as powerful.
Haha! 580EX II for a G9!?!

I was by no means suggesting a 580 for your camera, only giving you a reference for bounce flash as you gave your specifications for where you would be shooting. :)
Have a read of the manual flash article in my signature. Any flash that will fire on your hotshoe and has manual controls will work. But, you have to take test shots, which isn't always feasible. The best advice would be to go for a Canon EX series speedlite. Also, have a read of THIS article - the best reference for Canon flash ever written.
I have been waiting very patiently for the new Canon 270EX to come out this month for my G10, but so far no one has it. (This is April isn't it?) Canon's website says it's due out in April. You can bounce it and it has a zoom head so you might want to take a look at it on Canon's site.

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