A Rocky Beach and Soft Pastels


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Jul 12, 2008
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Wow great colors and composition, I have always wanted to take shots at a rocky shore like this. What shutter speed?

edit: nvm
30s at f/20
All right, already! That beach is giving you WAY too many cool shots!!! The fog and the color are awesome!!
Thanks for commenting,, thats not really fog,, its water with a slow shutter to give that appearance,, :sexywink: :mrgreen:
Incredible capture! What was the shutter speed? And how did you manage to not get it over-lighted?
Thanks again for the comments everyone,, Ko-ning, the shutter on this shot was 30 seconds at f20 ISO 100, I used a ND filter here to block some light at the top, this was still pretty dark out then though,, thanks for commenting :thumbup:

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