A wet day in Ambleside, UK

Very cool. I like #2 the best. Great B&W conversion.
Agreed with number two. Great capture

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They're both so good. 2 just wins it for me though, a great composition with a great black and white conversion.
First, let me give myself an out by saying I rarely take or look at landscape or cityscape pictures so my tastes may be off.

I think the first is quite nice, perhaps could use a bit more depth of tone. The real thing with this picture is that there is no really strong point. That grove of trees is probably the subject but is relatively small in the frame while you've kept a lot of grass and sky that don't add much.
I would trim some of the excess and make that grove the real subject.


The second one I don't care for at all.
There is the appearance of perspective distortion in the walls of the house and the fading away of the near wall on the right.
The rocky bank of the strean intersects and essentially merges with the stone arch.
The long exposure, milky water is just a cliche that we have all seen a million times and I think it is awkward against the dark tones of the stone.
Indeed tastes may vary. I think it's a cliché calling things a cliché ;) Pretty impossible to avoid milky water as there has been a lot of rain here (and another 10 inches forecast for tonight on the hills) and the Stock beck is moving very fast. It's a contrasty shot, but that was my intent. At the moment there isn't a bank to the beck on the left hand side as it is pretty high and getting higher.

I take your point on the first - I would have changed lenses to the 35, but not in torrential rain.
It'll be even wetter tomorrow!
It'll be even wetter tomorrow!

Yes I've seen the forecast and am heading home as I have a flight to El Salvador on Monday... it's dry and hot there...
It'll be even wetter tomorrow!

You weren't wrong. The A591 is blocked in several places by floodwater and I can't get home! So I'll have to wait until tomorrow...

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