A Young Girl


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Dec 5, 2007
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Well, it's a nice picture of the girl but there are some major problems with it. First of all, what is going on with the background. It is just really strange. Also, both her feet are cut off evenly at each corner of the picture. It looks like she has two stumps for feet. We also got a crotch shot going on here. I recommend that you zoom it quite a bit next time. The girl is really sweet looking and has lovely blue eyes. We need a photograph highlighting her features. This photo is just really too distracting to do that.
Image removed by DaveM
I could come in tighter like this

I think the camera likes this little girl, but honestly, if this were one of my shots I would likely bin it. She deserves the time and location to take a good photo.

Even with the tight crop, the plastic bag is just annoying to me. Add to that the effects of the background, I would chalk it up as an experiment that went south.

I'd try another day. (and please, little girls this age need to have the utmost consideration and discretion of pose, especially if they are to be posted on the internet. let common sense rule.)
Yes the camera defiantly loves her. Thanks for the feedback I have removed the other images. Yes this is one for the bin but I thought I would use it to try and see where I went wrong and next time get the better shot.
You did the right thing Dave. Thanks.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own tribulations that the larger picture often blinds us and another pair of eyes will help us refocus.

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