aaaahhhh annoying thing!


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Jun 29, 2004
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aaahhh something is in my eye! it's been stuck there since...Saturday! And I get sick with it!
I've been at the doctor's but he told me that there's nothing in my eye, and probably I have been spending too much time at the pc, and then I touched my eyes to hard...
but it is annoying! I wish we could pick out the eye, put it under the water and put back on it's proper place! aaaaahhhhh help!
If it feels like there is something in your eye but there is nothing there you may have scratched the cornea. Don't rub it - it will heal in a few days.
yep I get that from time to time, drives you mad! Hate anything near my eyes ever since I was little and a bit of rusty metal get in my eye. Two trips to hospital and they finally managed to scrape it out with what looked like a syringe! Freaked me out!!
Hertz is probably correct. Good eye drops can also give you some relief. Get off the computer and/or TV. Let your eye have a break a good nights sleep helps a lot.
Oh yeah I freakin hate that lol.
he hey! i never new mentos was from Poland? which city?
how can I get off the computer if I am addicted??? :p it still is a very unpleasant feeling.. I need a hug guys ... but luckily it is not so strong as iy used to be.... I hope it will heal soon... ahhhhhh

Buszaj - I'm from Szczecin :)
After all, the only reason why I ended up on this forum is because she dragged me here ;)
scratched the cornea no biggy but it can become a big deal. if its just one eye go out and get an eye patch (yes the pirate type) put it on and dont touch your eye for a few days, eye drops can help too.

just dont be stupid like me and ignore it and put in contacts :) yea im not the smartest.

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