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Dec 15, 2005
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New Delhi
there is no Photoshop done....no cropping...
comments and critiques would be nice....


thx for looking...:wink:
niiiice work kunal! :thumbsup:
hehe...i think i've got what it is but yeh its a very cool abstract....nice simple compo and the fact there is only two tones makes it. The lil bit of rim light on the right side of the 'object' balances out the image nicely.
good work yaar :lol: ;)
Nice work! I have to agree with everything JonK says too!
I really like this image. I like how you caught the light in the edge of the wine glass on the rt. Nicely composed with a slight offset of the subject.

Such a cool shot !
ja cool... i didnt realise it was a wine glass till i read the thread -
it looks kinda industrial ... / oscillating like it!
This is a very nice work, I liking it alot. - Excellent job!
i told you to post this one did i not? hmmm ;)
the tones work fabulous for me and the composition is fantastic! i love the sort of rim-light you've got here.
this is prob one of my faves off you kunal
thanks for sharing :D
heylos everyone
never thought i'll get so many replies for this post in such a short while....thx all for looking...

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