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    Are you a pro photographer looking for a new value added product to sell with your team/school/family photos?

    Please take a glance at our products at

    FridgeFrame is a patented magnetic pocket frame for displaying pictures and more on fridges, or any metal surface. We can also provide our frames with velcro attachments for the office cubicle.

    Avaliable in multiple sizes and formats, we can also tailor the artwork to special occasions such as the birth of a child, Christmas, Valentines Day, or even make a private label run with your studio name and number on each unit, or the name of a school, team, or other association.

    FridgeFrame will permit you to sell more photos, as well as adding some revenue in themselves. Team pictures, dance studios, school kids can now order a set for themselves, as well as for each of the grandparents, and an old aunt. Now each of these people don't receive one photo, but three or more different poses in each FridgeFrame.

    Also, the school locker model can be sold to the school kids for them to collect pocket photos of their friends and keep them in their lockers.

    For more information, visit our site, of contact me directly.

    Please excuse this commercial post if it is inappropriate to your message board. It has only been posted to this topic area as it seems the most appropriate.


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