Advice for reverse-lens when doing macro photography


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Mar 4, 2012
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Hi all

I have the 105 VR Micro (on a D7000), which gives me 1:1 but I'd like to go smaller (!!). So I appear to have a number of options. The first is to get some tubes - the ones with the contacts will likely cost me £100 (that's British pounds sterling, as belonging to the Queen, bless 'er). Alternatively it looks like I can potentially put a lens in reverse onto the end of my 105 using a coupling ring.

If I go down the reverse-lens route can I use ANY type of lens (I'm thinking 50mm, something like that)? I guess it doesn't have to even be Nikon, and I'm assuming I should get one with a manual aperture ring?

Which would give me greater magnification? Tubes or reverse-lens? I guess I'm looking for around about 3:1.

Any advice/recommendations would be great.

Ta muchly
Picked up a Soligor reverser for Nikons for practically nothing out of a rummage box at a local photo shop many years ago (back when I loaded T-max in my own cartridges). I've kept an old non-AF Nikkor 35-105 zoom just for this reverser (52mm lens cap), and it's served me well. Not measured it's exact magnification, but the date on a penny will fill about +/- a third of the frame on my DX (D7000) sensor. Tried testing my 50mm 1.8 vs. the 35-105 zoom. While the 50mm is no doubt has better IQ under normal shooting, if there's any difference when reversed, it's insignificant. The zoom offers a lot more flexibility in composing and focusing. DOF with this set-up is miniscule, regardless of aperture setting. I've not used tubes, so can not offer a comparison.

If you can find a reverser to match the lens cap size of a glass you already have, I'd encourage you to give it a try. Cheap way to have some fun and will likely come up with some good results w/ a little practice.


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